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From Our Founder: How I Made My Marriage Work

We’re excited to have Amanda Ong, the CEO and Founder of Aunty SG, for this post!


My goal has always been to make it easier for people to find quality childcare when they need it. Initially, it started with a simple idea. To date, Aunty SG has close to 500 verified sitters on the platform and has impacted over 1,000 families in Singapore. Daily demands of life can be overwhelming, and family relationships can erode due to issues like lack of communication, depression, stress, and a breakdown in trust and emotional connection. While every situation is unique, I believe it is important to have sufficient time for oneself and one’s relationships. With a million things going on, it can be difficult to be fully present for your child. Having a few trusted babysitters is a blessing, and when you desperately need someone, a network of trusted babysitters becomes invaluable. Our daily work at Aunty SG is driven by this mission: to make quality childcare accessible so that well-rested parents can raise happy and thriving children!


Starting a new business can be an exciting and fulfilling journey, but it also comes with challenges. As a startup founder, I faced numerous challenges, such as developing our product to meet market needs, attracting and retaining users, and building a team. Every day comes with uncertainties and endless problems that I have to address and rectify. In the first six months of building Aunty SG, I spent so much time working (almost 18 hours a day!) that it became increasingly difficult to juggle work and raising my two young kids. My children were also learning how to communicate and manage their newfound independence, so they had phases of tantrums and power struggles. Before we had kids, we used to travel a lot. With Covid-19, kids, and work, we just stopped. Our mealtimes had become business meetings, and there was always an endless list of errands!


I was determined to make things work. I started booking a babysitter weekly so my partner and I could have dates. We were intentional about our conversations and focused on our relationship. Recently, the two of us even took a trip to Japan! It was a short trip because we did not want to be away from the kids for too long. I was nervous as it was our first time being away from our children that I even wrote a book for them! However, I felt it was important for our relationship, so we could recharge and give our children the best when we returned.


Travelling with my husband for the first time in 3 years after having children was an incredible and enriching experience for our relationship! It was a good opportunity to reconnect and spend quality time together away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. I forgot how funny, interesting, and adventurous he could be. I would highly recommend planning a new activity to do together with your spouse. It does not have to involve travelling; it can be learning something new together or trying a new experience like wakeboarding or painting! I was thankful to our babysitter for sending them to and from school and helping with their meals, shower, and bedtime. I felt reassured the whole trip and was surprised that the kids were better behaved than when they were with us! Everything went smoothly, and they did so well!


Taking time to invest in your relationship goes a long way. When we prioritize our marriage, we create a happy and warm home for our kids in the long run. I’ve realized that my kids are more resilient than I thought. There are many things I want to do for my family and Aunty SG, and I’ve learned that there are many ways to achieve them. For me and Aunty SG, staying true to our core mission is essential. Remember that help is available if you need it, so let’s keep working at it!

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